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All About Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboards are a type of cladding used in covering the exterior of a building to make it attractive and also to protect it.  They have been used in Australian architecture since the time of the European settlers and are used in all types of houses from beach shacks to cottages. They are mostly used in renovation of old houses but have made their way into contemporary designs as well. They allow the house to have smooth lines that define large planes which are a basic in contemporary architecture. There are two main types: classic weatherboards and ship lap. The classic type has a wedge shape that overlaps without adding thickness to walls to form a weatherproof cladding. You start at the base of the wall and move upwards with nails being hammered at the thin end of the boards. Shiplaps have shape that allows installing of flat and weatherproof cladding. They can be easily fitted in long lengths and allow for smooth lines. Visit for cement sheet supplier.

Weatherboards are made from a variety of different materials. Timber boards can be made in many different sizes and shapes according to the availability of timber. It is relatively easy to install and the equipment used is simple, but is expensive to install and maintain because if it so not treated then the timber can grey and split. They also need to be painted every few years. There is also the related environmental concern of cutting down so many trees for this timber and so many people now prefer other options. Fibre cement is a strong material that is available in many designs for cladding but requires painting. It is a very durable product and is weather resistant. But they are heavy and require special equipment to be cut into the size you want. They can also expand and contract due to thermal conditions. Aluminium and steel sheets are rolled and painted to give it the finish of cladding.  They are difficult to work with as they have sharp edges and have to installed correctly to allow space for expansion and contraction especially in warmer areas. They are very sturdy and long lasting. Vinyl is a light and durable material used to make USG boral plasterboard. It comes coloured and requires no further painting and come with a Styrofoam backing to support it. They are a very economical option and are also weather resistant; they will not rot or fray. They can scratch easily however.

Weatherboards in general require low maintenance and offer a clean appearance to your house. The materials are also durable and long lasting. They protect your house against difficult weather conditions and come in a variety of colours and textures to choose from according to your wants.