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Different Types Of Bathroom Designs

One of the most fundamental parts of any house is bathroom. A house cannot be called be as a house unless it contains a bathroom. So, being the most important part means it is the most used room as well, which is why bathroom needs to be designed in beautiful ways as they are going to enhance the beauty of your house as well as will increase the resale value of a house. In this article, we will be discussing about bathroom builders and the different types of designs that are offered by these builders.

Bathroom builders:

Bathroom builders are the group of people who constructs or renovates a bathroom. Constructing a bathroom is complex task as lots of intricate details are required for building a perfect bathroom. By a perfect, it does not mean that it must be huge; a perfect bathroom can be built in a small area as well. It totally depends upon the intellect of a bathroom builder that how he uses the particular area to make a bathroom perfect in every possible way.

Different bathroom designs:

We can see the presence of latest and modified designs for bathrooms now available in the market. These bathroom designs vary from each other in many ways. There are bathroom designs Melbourne of Victorian styles, in which such equipments are installed which gives the royal look like jewel tones, gold accents, claw foot tubs and marbles. Then there are tropical bathrooms which are airy, allow plenty of light and contain minimal ornamentation. Besides these, there are beach style bathrooms in which the theme of ocean is installed with watery hues. Then there are contemporary bathrooms which are open spaced and are more focused on the quality of bathroom’s materials.

Other than these, there are transitional bathrooms in which the touch of both worlds is added; they are modern and traditional at the same time. Then there are shabby chic bathrooms which constitutes of pink, pastel lace flowers with the touch of vintage effect. Moreover, there is eclectic bathroom style in which a handpicked collection of personalized items, colors, textures are effortlessly placed which gives a cool look to the bathroom. Other than the above mentioned designs, there are south western bathroom designs, modern bathroom designs, contemporary bathroom design, craftsman bathroom design, industrial bathroom design and many more.


Every part of a house needs equal consideration and every room of a house is equally important. Same case implies in bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most important and used rooms of any house. Bathroom builders construct or renovate houses either according to client’s demand or according to their own intellect. There are many new designs of bathrooms that are now available in market. These designs may vary from a contemporary bathroom design to a modern bathroom design, from beach style bathroom design to a shabby chic bathroom design and many more such designs. “Bathroom connection” is the company which offers the best bathrooms designs all across the Melbourne.