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Many Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

As we buy an empty or a vacant plot, we start the process of building a house. After all it is an investment that has to last long and with it comes all the things that will be required to make a house feel like a home. Starting with the selection of tiles, then floor boards, all the plumbing work that will be required hidden inside the walls, then your washrooms which is always customizable and then you have your kitchen. 

Your kitchen is the place where almost 50% of your time will be spend. Now in the kitchen you will need a lot of space to move around and cook things, apart from that you will need kitchen cabinets Frankston. Now kitchen cabinets come in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs and many other factors are incorporated in it.

Let’s talk about the types of great kitchen cabinets Sorrentothat you can go for that will help you in making the right decision for you.

 Shaker Style:

This type of style is a trendy style and also a common style which is seen in most of the households. This type of style is comprised of mainly wood that can be matted with the design of flat panels to make it look elegant yet simple. They are very strong and can last for a long time.

Louvered Style:

This type of style is basically in the form of wooden cabinet that is matted with horizontal style. It is a fancy look but it also comes with a high price tag. They are the type of style which can make your kitchen look a lot modern yet still retain school style.

Complete Flat Style:

Now as mentioned the shaker style is also a flat panel style but in shaker you have that flat panel only in the middle whereas in this you have it completely flat. This type of style is mostly used in many homes as it gives the elegance of simplicity which makes it easy to work on and also keeps it in the budget.

Old or Distress

We always say that modern things look good but sometime old is gold. Yes, this is the type of style for those people who prefer old style kitchen cabinets that will be custom made and may cost more but it does look good.

Thermo foil Style:



This style is basically what everyone is going for nowadays. This is the type where your whole kitchen cabinets are basically enfolded with a coating that makes it look like a real wood. It is durable when not placed to something that is scorching heat and not expensive yet also serves the purpose when it comes to cleaning them.

We have mentioned some basic type of styles for kitchen cabinets that is the most commonly used and if custom is what you need within your budget then visit us today at