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Three Ways You Can Avoid Calling A Plumber

House maintenance is not an easy feat, and if the occasion arises of maintaining a large building such as office, hotels or restaurant then the responsibility becomes ten times more difficult. Every building whether domestic or commercial has to be looked after otherwise small things pile up and then it hairballs into something that becomes beyond repair. This situation especially becomes harder if the person in charge of the building is short on cash and wants to do everything in the budget. One thing that is most dreaded in any building is blocked drains clogged pipes. Having blocked pipes and drains is not only a temporary issue, in fact, but it is also something that has very severe after effects. Drains clogged with gunk gets more and more blocked can result in bursting pipes and drains. When the pipes bursts, the water can seep through the walls and mess up the paint job and furniture as well. This situation obviously calls for a plumber and the bill he will give will be nothing short of thousands.

To avoid this situation and to avoid the call to the plumber one can take some precautions that can help in avoiding the blocked drains as well as keep the plumbing up to date. Taking care of the large commercial buildings will surely require a full team of maintenance and domestic help otherwise it is not a one-man job at all. The list of precautions is not long and they are not even hard to follow. By following these simple tips you can avoid the plumber for years to come.

  • Invest

Think of it as an investment, the quality of pipes and drains installed while building home should be top-notch. Do not think of saving money and getting sub-par quality drains as this decision can cause you loss of thousands of dollars in repair and also you might need to redo the whole plumbing from scratch. Always take the advice of builders and architectures as to what they are recommending. Do your research, take a tour of the market and inquire which material is the best and goes for the longest run in durability. Once you have invested in top quality drains and pipes you can be assured that they will not give up easily on the owners.

  • Keep drains filtered

This one is the most doable and easiest life hack one can imagine. Having to clean drains is not at all easy feat and obviously requires special tools and equipment and the help of a professional plumber. One easy tip is to place mesh nets available in the market, over the drain openings. These nets are made of stainless steel and are waterproof as well, they prevent all the gunk from going inside the drains.

  • Magical liquid

To avoid the plumber Hampton, you should once a month pour a magical solution of vinegar and caustic soda into the drains. This will prevent gunk buildup and keep drains squeaky clean. Vinegar and caustic soda should not be used more than once a month.